Mid-December Update

Happy holidays! Cameron and I have been working diligently on a number of projects lately, and we’ve got some exciting progress updates we want to share with the LEGO community!

First and foremost, at 9:00 a.m. ET today, we will begin accepting orders for our “Greenbrier 60’ High Cube Boxcar” instruction kit. I’m thrilled with the way this model turned out! In the spring of 2017, I designed and constructed one of these, but I felt it was missing just a few key details, including standing platforms on both ends and a brake wheel. As you can see below, these elements have now been included, and I feel this model now meets the Iron Horse Brick Co. (IHBC) standard!

60' High Cube Boxcar Cover.png

What is the IHBC Standard?

Great question! Recently, IHBC decided to rebrand its instruction kits as something other than “Premium Instruction Kits.” Beginning January 1st, 2019, all IHBC instruction kits will be titled just that, “Instruction Kits.” However, all future kits will be categorized into two different series, the “Standard Series,” and the “Elite Series.”

Standard Series

IHBC Standard Series kits will be constructed to the “8 studs = 10 feet” standard, with an overall length-tolerance of two-to-three studs. Standard Series kits will be designed to offer a cheaper solution for locomotives and rolling stock, while capturing most of the key details that make a particular model unique, but not all of the key details you’d see in an Elite Series model.

Elite Series

IHBC Elite Series kits will be constructed to the same scale as their Standard Series counterparts, but will capture as many key details as realistically possible in a LEGO model.

For instance, the “Greenbrier 60’ High Cube Boxcar” will likely be categorized as a Standard Series kit, as it captures the details that would allow your average rail fan to glance at it and say, “That’s a Greenbrier 60’,” but still could be improved to include ladder rungs beside the standing platforms and undercarriage details.

To give you another visual example of the Standard Series and Elite Series, let’s preview some of our 2019 releases…

2019 and Beyond

Lately, Cameron and I have been working on individual locomotive projects for release in 2019, and we’re thrilled to offer these preview renderings below.

GE U25B V2 #2.png

Inspired to design a diesel locomotive from someone other than GM EMD, Cameron has been developing a GE U25B, which will house the standard, 4 x 8 x 4 LEGO battery box in a five-wide hood! In doing so, he was forced to sacrifice certain details, keeping this model at the Standard Series level, but the convenience of the battery box is worth it!

Southern Railway ALCO PS4 (4-6-2) #1401 (4).png

Being born in the heart of the South (Atlanta, to be exact), I grew up a fan of the Southern Railway. My grandfather was a train buff, and I remember him having an “O” scale model of Southern Railway’s locomotive #1401, an ALCO Richmond PS-4 constructed in 1926. When we’d visit, he’d let me run this model for hours, and I thought this would be the perfect way for me to remember the times we spent together. Once complete, this model will include functioning fly cranks, fly-crank rods, expension links, and of course, tender (not pictured here), making this an Elite Series kit.

Aaron Burnett
Iron Horse Brick Co.