Public Announcement

This is, without a doubt, a difficult and sudden announcement to have to make, but after three short, yet successful months, Iron Horse Brick Co. (IHBC) has reached the “end of the line.”

The community’s reception to our entrance into the scene was mixed. We experienced both positive and negative reactions, and given Cameron and I’s personal ambitions within the hobby, to share quality designs and promote camaraderie and friendships, we feel IHBC is no longer the best avenue to achieve them.

We apologize to those who were looking forward to our future designs, and we thank you all for your support and feedback. Our online store will be open until all of our remaining inventory has been exhausted. Now is the time to purchase!

As always, play well!

Aaron and Cameron



Founded by LEGO® enthusiasts like you, Iron Horse Brick Co. aims to design, develop and share quality building instructions with scale model fans around the world. We’re confident you’ll find each and every one of our kits to present a unique set of challenges, ultimately leading to a rewarding collection of lifelike locomotives, cars and structures sure to bring the “minifig” rail-fans to your railyard!

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